Bat punt trip

Bat punt trip


May 24, 2024    
9:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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The Wildlife Trust (BCN)’s annual river Cam bat punts with Scudamore’s provide one of the most exciting evening experiences of summer on the river in Cambridge. Enjoy a unique experience setting off just before dusk. Hand held bat detectors pick up on bat echolocation as the punt drifts down the river; a Wildlife Trust guide will interpret the type of bat from the clicks and squeaks of, for example, pipistrelle and Daubenton’s bats, as well as identifying all the other sounds of the riverbank – from herons and tawny owls to roosting wading birds and the occasional passing fox. During late July into August mother bats fly in tandem with their bat pups.
This year, 2024, bat punts will run weekly from Friday 10 May, with Saturdays also from Saturday 15 June, through until Friday 27, Saturday 28 September; bookings will open soon via Scudamore’s link below.

Bat seasonal highlights
May into June is a great time to be out on a river Cam bat punt: freshly emerging from hibernation bats will be hungry, avidly hunting insects over the water. The females will be pregnant and in a race against time before giving birth, desperate to get out as much as they can. This can prove the most beguiling month, despite comparative chilliness, darker evenings mean longer bat viewing times, the riverbanks quieter. Wearing warm clothes, huddling under a rug brings an extra layer of atmospheric charm.
Late July/early August By this time mothers will have their pups and seeing them in tandem flight is an exhilarating experience. Once pups are born it doesn’t let up for the mums; they need to provide milk for the growing pup. It’s not just bats that are on show: the grey heron colony will make its presence felt as the punts pass beneath. Tawny owl chicks can be very vocal, begging their parents for food – a lucky safari punter may get to see these bundles of feathers by torchlight.
Into September Mellow golden light by eve on the river, as harvest suns yield to harvest moons. Bats will still be feeding in abundance to build body fat for winter, insects will be plentiful and the ambience will be beautifully balmy.

Scudamore’s contribute 50% of ticket proceeds to the Trust, so every booking helps wildlife! The trips have now raised more than £60,000 since they started running. For departure times and to make bookings go to the Scudamore’s bat punt website or call 01223 359750.


Book a Batty Business Bash
These unique trips make a great team outing and a fantastic opportunity to entertain business clients; private midweek bookings are available on request (mid May until late September), make the trip extra special with strawberries and cream plus a glass of Pimms.
Departures fluctuate according to when dusk settles; for departure times and to make a booking please visit the Scudamore’s Bat Safari website or call 01223 359750.




24-May Fri 20:45
31-May Fri 21:00
07-Jun Fri 21:00
08-Jun Sat 21:00
14-Jun Fri 21:15
15-Jun Sat 21:15
21-Jun Fri 21:15
22-Jun Sat 21:15
28-Jun Fri 21:15
29-Jun Sat 21:15

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